Office of Community Standards

Office of Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards is committed to developing, interpreting, and ensuring the fair adjudication of the College’s Student Code of Conduct in order to provide a safe community for students to learn and grow.

The Office of Community Standards institutes the conduct proceedings for violations of Eckerd College policies. The student conduct process is not intended to punish students; rather, it exists to protect the interests of the community and to challenge students’ moral and ethical decision-making, thus assisting them in bringing their behavior into accordance with our community expectations.

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Joanna Ellwood

Assistant Dean of Community Standards & Title IX/ Section 504 Coordinator

Fox Hall


Guiding Documents

The essence of this community depends on how its members treat each other, and the expectations of student behavior is outlined in the College’s Shared Commitment.

Community Standards Procedures

Community Standards Policies

Additional Resources

Academic Honor Council

Billing Appeal and Procedures

Campus Bikes

College Initiated Medical Leave

Computer Usage

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Financial Aid Appeal Policies

Fire Drill and Evacuation Policy

Housing Agreement 2018 - 2019

Housing Agreement 2018 - 2019 Addendum

Meal Plan Participation Policy


Posting Policy

Recreational Policies (Includes Waterfront)

Smoke Free

Social Media Comment Guidelines

Student Complaint Policy: Eckerd College is committed to providing an educational climate that is conducive to the personal and academic development of all students. In order to ensure that commitment, the College has developed procedures for students to pursue complaints within the College community, should such action become necessary. Complaint Form.

Students may be referred to Community Standards for accusations of violating departmental policies (see Violations of Other College Policies)